Jerry Manuel is sadly still publicly saying that he is trying to compete to win a playoff spot. This while unrealistic is something he must do as part of his job requirement which may be why you had a Tejada and a FMart losing time to a Castillo & Francouer. Now with Barajas up if he can recapture his hitting from earlier in the season he will also get more playing time rather than Thole.All this is the Front Office's fault because if they admit to what everyone already knows and acted accordingly the team would be that much better for it. This is how I would do it.1. The Mets hold a press conference to announce that Jerry Manuel and all the coaches will finish the season but at the end of the season their contracts will not be renewed.At the end of the season they will do a full review and determine  what if any other changes need to be made.2. The Mets say that they will use the rest of the season to evaluate some of the prospects but will not do so at the expense of some of their veterans. (Making sure that Beltran continues to rehab by doing this)3. The Mets then announce that some roster changes are to come between now and Sept 1st. The Mets then look to see if their is any interest in Francoeur and if they can move him do so and if not release him. They do the same with Oliver Perez and his $12M that is due him next season.4. The Mets bring up FMart, Gee, Mejia, Nieuinwuis with Mejia to be the 5th starter the rest of the way to continue his developmenet and Gee in the pen to give hima look see. Nieunwuis should come up as a reward for the season he hadand get a taste of what MLB is like.5. The Mets in an attempt to show their fan-base that have stood by them coming out to games throughout the season run new promotions that slash ticket prices.At least that's how I would do it.