Well I just got home from my job at Staten Island University Hospital and guess what was in my mail box? No it wasn't the new Victoria Secrets catalog neither was it Megan Fox wrapped in a bow and nothing else ( I got a big mailbox). No I got my bill for my Saturday plus plan for 2010, and boy did I split a gut. Last year for my left field lower Promenade reserved seats in section 436 section 2 seats 15 & 16 I paid 1,100 dollars and that got me an obstructed view of left field extremely limited access to the promenade club ( along with the obnoxious attitudes from the   customer service reps there )and tickets to almost every game after June 30 th that I couldn't give away. This year these same two ducats will cost me only 1,061.00 - I'm saving a whole 4 % - ALL I CAN SAY IS - WHOOPDEE FRIGGIN DOOO!!! So me and Mrs. Rustyjr decided we won't renew, we can't aford that kind of money during this economic crisis, but instead we will go to three or four games this season probably get cheaper tickets on Stub Hub and not be boxed into weekday games that shouldn't be part of a Saturday plan. The real kicker is that since I am a "valued customer" , I will need to be paid in full by December 19th !!! Oh you just gotta love how this organization is run ! I won't be surprised when I get a call in February or March from a Mets ticket agent begging me to renew my plan. But you know what between making money with the team , S.N.Y , the naming rights from Citi Group and the additional fifty million they made from Bernie Madoff - they don't need that measly 1,061.00 bucks from me. Hey Fred, Jeff   !I am and always be true to the Orange and Blue , and I will attend a handful of games this year - but if you don't make a concerted effort to field a first class team at you monument to your excesses then I will not commit my hard earned money to partial plans next year if the economy improves !Sorry my friends I am just frustrated and I just had to vent .                                                                                                                                                       mr_met_sad                                                                                                                                       " Mr Met feels my pain!"