How important was it to get a win in week one? Not import this season, in this league.  No team has more than a one game lead and only 2 out of the 10 teams are not 1-1.Standings: Best Acquisitions of the week:Team Shockers with Kyle Lohse. In 2 starts for the week Lohse netted 22 and 25.5 points. Team Real with Mark Buehrle. Team Real acquired him after his 28.5 performance, but that shouldn’t be the last of them. Lohse and Buehle are those typical “un-sexy” players.  No-one wants to draft them but they always end up on a team and performing well. If their names were Bob and Jim respectfully, them they would probably get picked up in the later rounds of a draft.Honorable mention goes to Team Snuke's with Lance Lynn who netted 26 points. Since he was a reliever last year, Lynn is eligible for both the SP and RP slots on your roster.For the season, the team with the most acquisitions is Snuke's with 14. There are still two teams that have yet to make an acquisition: Texas I’m Stuck In, and Niese’s Nose. The schnozzle is 2-0, so who could blame him. Get those rosters set:We are at a point in the season where the Adam LaRoche’s have fallen back down to earth and maybe someone like Rafael Furcal is finally healthy and productive again. This is the time of the year where that small sample size is big enough to make a real educated decision as opposed to making a bet.  If you don’t take a chance on that particular player you’ve been eyeing that is having a great April, you might miss them for the whole season.  Get now while the getting is good. Stars are now getting hurt which means those fringe players are going to be gobbled up.