Congratulations to Team Real (TRS) for winning The Real Dirty Mets 3rd Annual Fantasy Baseball League.  Here is your prize: How it all went down:6 Points, that's it, he won by 6 points. One single HR, 2 innings pitched can give a owner 6 points. It's really amazing that 22 weeks really comes down to a couple simple plays. Here are the daily point totals for the final match:* Just click on any image to see it in it's full size. Here's the laugher in all of this. Every day TRS and I were finding as many starters to play for the day (5 max) as possible but the win can down one start by one pitcher on the final day of the season, and his name is Ryan Dempster. By the last week TRS was streaming 5 pitchers a day and on the second to last day he scored 70 more points than me which forced me to get desperate. So I went and got 5 starters and I thought for sure Ryan Dempster was the ticket. No way would he net negative points. Texas is going to handle the A's just fine and go on to the ALDS. Well Dempster blew it for Texas and blew it for me netting -6.5 points. If I sat on my hands and did not pick him up a couple hours before game time I would have won the league. For the record Snukes used 22 different pitchers where Team Real used 33. Final Standings: Things to Think About:First off I think this was the best year yet of our Fantasy League. I think the move to ESPN gave us a lot more robust features and the format allowed more teams to be competitive then in the Yahoo variation we were in. I still think there are opportunities for improvement. I am going to list my thoughts below and please comment on what you would like to see and hopefully we can implement some changes for next year. I also want to give a big thanks to all who participated. Owners were really active all the way through which made the league extremely fun to be in. - Weekly roster locking. This is something that gets debated every season and I am going to keep throwing it out there. Having a weekly league takes the ability away to stream pitchers. You set it and forget it for the week. It makes it real nice seeing that most of us have a lot to do in our life and we can't be glued to this thing. The interesting thing that is does, is it puts more negative value to injuries. If a player gets injured you are stuck from getting someone on free agency to replace them. If you have a substitution on the bench you can use them, but added and dropped players are not reflective until the following week.- One additional slot on the bench. When setting this up I opted for 4 bench slots plus one DL slot and it seemed to me that it was a little too shallow. There is no way to really stash a player and it forced a owner to maybe drop someone if they had too many injuries. Keeper Lock Date and League Renewal:Currently there are 10 owned teams. I will need to know by February 1st if you intend to participate next season or if we need to give your team away. Each team is allowed to keep 3 players for next season so they don't return to the draft. The lock date for your keepers is Friday, Mar. 1, 2013 at 12:00 AM ET. To access the keeper area go to your "My Team" tab and select "Keepers" right underneath. I will send out a email in early January to remind owners and to also see who is coming back. If it is appropriate I think we can also expand the league to 12 teams if there is enough demand.