During yesterday’s telecast SNY displayed this week's upcoming pitching matchups against the Cardinals and it doesn't look pretty. The first thing I thought of when I saw this wasn't “Wow, look how good the Cardinals' starters have been” it was realizing just how bad our rotation has really been outside of Matt Harvey.The back of our rotation has a combined four wins! Harvey is 4-0 himself and could just as easily be 8-0, but that’s another story. The second lowest ERA on this staff belongs to Jeremy Hefner at 4.63! Just think about that for a moment, the next lowest ERA on this staff is currently sitting at 4.63; that is down right awful.Meanwhile the Cardinals will be throwing out starters whose WORST ERA belongs to Lance Lynn at 2.71. John Gast, who is making his major league debut for the Cardinals on Tuesday, was 3-1 with a 1.16 era while in Triple-A. With the Mets' offense struggling the way it has of late, the last thing they needed right now was to face this Cardinals staff.I full expect Jonathon Niese to bounce back from his early season woes. His issues seem to be stemming from his command as he has been unable to locate his pitches. Once he settles in he should slot in nicely behind Harvey in the rotation. But I can’t say I have the same confidence in the rest of them.With Zack Wheeler beginning to force the issue of being promoted with his recent performances in AAA, I full expect him to be slotted into this rotation shortly. The Super-2 cutoff date has been rumored to be around the May 15th mark, which hopefully means Wheeler will only be making another start or two before he is called up. Let's hope he can provide a spark and depth that this rotation so desperately need.