There was no Castillo in the infield to help out the Yankees last night.  And that means for the next two days the Yankees are going to have to win these games on their own.Here's a question: Are the Mets that good, are the Yankees that bad or did we just see a real good ball game?I'll tell you what, I see a Met team a lot younger than those guys in Pinstripes.The Mets won a game last night that last year they would've lost.  I hate the subway series; I love the subway series.  It always brings out the best and the worst of the Mets, and maybe I'm used to the worst.  Yesterday's game, I saw some really bright spots.Here are the observations-take 'em or leave 'em. R.A. Dickey battles- yea maybe he doesn't have his best stuff but I love him on the mound.   Murphy scares me at first, I can't wait for Ike to come back.  But Murphy can hit, I 'm not sure this will be in the paper but you did notice that Murphy's home run bomb out drove the other first basemen?    Do the Mets really have to trade Reyes?  I know that Turner is going to cool down but I think he's earned a spot on the bench or at least a platoon at second.  I saw the interview with Wright and all I have to say is:  what doctors does he have that will enable him to play in less than fifteen days from a stress fracture?  My final thought is this, I have really enjoyed watching the Mets that last few weeks, they remind me of last year's team before Castillo and Beltran came off the DL and basically put a hole in the line-up. Tonight I'm going to try and kick it old school by listening to the Met/Yankee game on the FAN.  I wish it was on during the day.