I posted this in the comment section of MMO today.  With all the speculation and opinions floating around on what to do with Wright or Dickey, the fact remains that we as fans know very little about the actual details necessary to make a logical conclusion.  In my opinion there are three questions that muct be answered by the Mets in order for them to do what is best for the Mets.  Not what is best for the fans but what is best for the future of the organization.We need to know the following and honestly NONE of us have a clue what the answers are:1) What is the actual contract that Wright or Dickey would agree to sign?2) What are the actual trade proposals that Alderson would have on the table?3) What are the Mets plans starting in 2014 to surround Wright or Dickey if re-signed with a competitive team?Until those 3 are answered how could anyone make a logical decision?