While it doesn't look like Drew will be the opening day SS for the Mets, it appears he won't be for the Tigers either.  

Tigers, Orioles Swap Lombardozzi For Alex Gonzalez

The veteran Gonzalez will most likely be the opening day SS and provide ample protection against Jose Iglesias being out longer than expected. 

I am not sure at this point how much bearing this even has on the Mets or their future decisions but I can't help but wonder where the hell Drew will wind up?  Will this finally be the day that Boras gets called out for his create an imaginary market and wait it out strategy?

In what appears to be more of a procedural move than anything else, Kyle Farnsworth was released only to be re-signed shortly.  By releasing Farnsworth and then re-signing him the Mets saved 100K and also get to keep him in the organization for depth at AAA.  Perhaps, Kyle likes the thoughts of the nightlife in Vegas. 


Update from MLBTR:

9:40am: "Farnsworth has not returned to the Mets and is exploring his options," agent Barry Meister tells Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish.  "No agreement was or has been reached," adds the agent.