As he has been the only lefty in the Mets pen until recently (Robert Carson was recalled from Binghamton last week), Tim Byrdak is currently on a pace to appear in 95 games.  He's also on pace to appear in only 43.2 innings.  A look at his recent appearances will tell you why.  In his last ten outings, he's pitched one-third of an inning apiece (pardon my screen cap):In that time, he's thrown no more than 6 pitches per appearance.So, can the 38 year-old Byrdak keep up this pace all year?  Can a major league pitcher throw 6 pitches a day, almost every day, and not get worn out?  It's probably best not to find out the hard way.  Carson needs to get more chances to keep Byrdak fresh.  Tim's been a mainstay of an otherwise shaky bullpen, and the Mets should endeavor to keep him healthy all year.Or they could just continue to overuse him, squeeze everything they can out of him...then trade him to the Yankees.