In a week where EVERY quote from a Mets official and some from guys that are most likely not even associated with the Mets have been analyzed to death, I choose to look at this one."Lucas Duda's got to be looked at. If something should go wrong , we’ve got to look at getting that big bat in the lineup somehow.”First of all when many heard this quote they sensed doom for Beltran.  This could be true.  Some looked at it as saying that if Beltran goes down then Duda would play RF.  However, there's another angle to this that I am going to over-analyze.Collins does not say that if Beltran is out then Duda would take his place in RF.  What he does say is that he has to get his bat in the lineup SOMEHOW.  To me this implies that they are not so sure he could play RF but would need his bat to replace Beltran.  So if not RF where could he play.  1B and LF.  1B is not very logical at all as he is LH and is not likely to force Davis to move to RF anytime soon.  LF has Bay cemented into the position... or does it?One could read that Bay and Duda could be platooned but that makes no sense at all.  Taking a potential bat out of the lineup to replace Beltran's bat.Where am I going with this?  Is it possible they move Bay to RF?Bay does not have much experience in RF (understatement award) but is much better defensively than advertised.  He has played all 3 OF positions in his career and could most likely cover as much ground there as Francouer minus the arm.  What would this move allow?  The Mets to also keep Evans.  Evans could offer RH protection for Duda and would be much more comfortable in LF.Again, it seems as though this is what today's Met reporters are doing.  Taking a quote and making it there own.  So here's my attempt.Collins likes Duda's bat, could consider moving Bay.