T901710_04As an avid Castillo supporter in the past, the past is now the past.   Hopefully Castillo will soon be in the Mets past as well.   We know that Castillo had no intentions of dropping the ball, that he has been an average defender while here and his offensive numbers have rebounded this year.   Castillo was beginning down that long road of recovery for any player shunned by the NY fans and media.   And now he blew the worst regular season game in Mets history as well as his road to recovery.   At this point there is NO way that Castillo can ever be successful with the Mets again.   He has Heilmanised himself into immortality.   Before yesterday, our biggest need was a bat to protect Wright.   Now for the moral of the team it may be the need to take a trip to the dump.So at this dump that we are talking about the owner has to pay around 16 million just to make a drop off.   Sometimes he can lessen that load by trading his trash for someone else's trash, usually taking on even more trash than he had to start with but at least getting more in return.   His hopes, he can take that trash and find a treasure.Lets take a look at somone else's trash:Gary Mathews Jr. :   Prime trash candidate.   Went from an .866 OPS in 2006 to a .629 OPS this year.   Angels are looking to unload him.   He is owed another 28 million counting this year and the next two.   Angels just sent Howie Kendrick back to AAA.Bill Hall:   Bill Hall STILL wants out of Brewcrew town.   He his struggling again this year with a .627 OPS.   Brewers were looking for a 2B.   Hall is still owed another 12 million counting this year and next year.Eric Byrnes:   Heard this one before, coulda woulda shoulda, Byrnes is still struggling to a .619 OPS.   Dbacks still owe him 17 million.Are there other trash candidates out there?   Let us know here.   By the way, as always, www.mlbcontracts.blogspot.com does a great job with salary and contract information.HAVE A NICE DAY!