UPDATE 3:04: Sorry I have come to find out that the text was illegible due to technical difficulties I hope you can now read it properly.Original Post 12:02pmI was once sent this by a friend I don't recall if he knew the author personally but it encompasses all the passion for me that is being a Mets Fan so on this Good Friday I want to share it with you.To Be a MetsFanTony SmolenskiI was born into this team, thanks to my grandfather, a hold over from the days of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and my Dad, a Mets fan from day one. I saw my first MLB game at Shea Stadium at the age of six, and also saw my first Mets loss the same day. Wally Backman was my first baseball idol. Mookie showed me miracles were possible. Jessie Orosco afforded me my first taste of Champaign.I was devastated when Dwight Gooden was first suspended, and doubly so with Strawberry’s antics. I was furious when Dykstra was dealt away.I wanted my own"Conehead". I, too, thought Kevin McReynolds was underrated, and was convinced that Gregg Jeffries was bound for the Hall of Fame.Kirk Gibson brokemy heart.Frank Viola disappointed me, and Vince Coleman confounded me.I bought several Paul Wilson rookie cards. Cut class to see Rey Ordonez’s debut, and compared Todd Hundley to Yogi Berra.I was at Mike Piazza'sfirst home game. I searched for months for a Rick Reed jersey, and thought that the only music for a closer to enter a game to was "Johnny Be Good."Bobby Valentine made me smile.Bobby Jones made me think twice - wait Bobby M. Jones?Bobby Bonilla made me wince.I learned to spell 'Edgardo', loved it when the "Mojo" was on the rise and broke the lamp in my first apartment during a "grand slam single" celebration.I've cheered Masato Yoshii, Nomo, Komyiama, Tsyoshi Shinjo and Kaz Matsui; rooted for Benny Agbayani, Tyler Yates and Sid Fernandez; second-guessed Bamburger, Green and even Davey Johnson.I've listened to ‘Murph’, Gary Cohen, Gary Thorne, Ralph Kiner, Tim McCarver and - god help me - even Fran Healy.I've been to Irish night and bat day. I own a Homerun Apple Clock, a Piazza pencil holder and a Keith Miller rookie card.I've attended playoff games, tragic doubleheaders against the D-backs and exhibitions against the Orioles.I've seen Juan Samuel flame out, Jeff Kent ask out, and too many players with a man on third and less than two outs pop out.But through it all I am a Mets fan, win or lose.Through Seaver for Zachary.Bentiez facing Jordan.Mackey Sasser's double pump while trying to throw out a runner.Ricky and Bobby playing cards.Hair cuts in the clubhouse.Bleach on reporters.Matsui fielding grounders.Kenny Rogers missing the strike zone.No matter what, I am a Mets fan.So let Kazmir have a great career. Let people all around me declare that the sky is falling, and that "the Mets will never win with Wilpon as the owner".Either way, I am a Mets fan.Today may seem like a low point. The injuries may seem never ending, and the franchise's future may look bleak at best. But, at 7:10 PM tonight, our New York Mets will be taking the field. And I’ll, of course, be watching.