Let me say I apologize for the lack of MLB content each day here at TRDM as well as the constant technical issues.  Bryan along with our active authors have done an admirable job of carrying the load.  In fact I believe that Bryan's coverage of the Mets minor league system is superior to that found on any other site.We have been sponsored by Fan Vs Fan for years now. For those of you who haven't been around, it's a very unique site with various sports blogs all over the country.Fan Vs FanIn the coming days we will be making a move to the Fan Vs Fan platform.  The technical issues should then become a thing of the past and this will also open us up to a new audience from which we can hopefully find a few new authors who want to share their opinions with such an intelligent loyal readership that we have here at TRDM.So again, I hope you stick with us through the transition.  TRDM isn't dead or dying or even on life support.  In fact I believe that the best days are ahead, just like the Mets!