Johan Santana did something last night that every Met fan, at one time or another, watched another pitcher achieve.  Today, when everyone wakes up and realizes that it was, in fact, not a dream.  The back pages, air waves and TV/ESPN show will feature Johan and that last out.You know where I was last night?  Sitting on my couch like I do every Friday, watching my team play the game of baseball.Last night was not just a night that the Mets made was also a night were every Met fan, REAL Met fan, sat down and with their faith in their heart and hope in their soul, watched the team they lived and died for finally come through for them.For every Met fan, last night was their check in the mail...the payback they have been waiting for all these years.  Was it worth the wait?What do you think?Today is not about the return of Carlos Beltran.Today is not about the Yankees.Today is about the Met who made history and the team that was with him on that field.Today, the Mets own New York.