tony-larussaThe moment Tony LaRussa's comments were made public  after his Cardinals were handed the broom in the Division Series, the Mets front office should have gotten on the phone.   St. Louis was the first team to clinch a division title this year, and the first team to exit the playoffs shortly after.   Following the Dodger sweep, LaRussa was immediately asked about his tenure as Cardinals Manager, being in the last year of his contract.   LaRussa hinted that maybe after 14 seasons with St. Louis it was time to say goodbye.   "Maybe they need to hear a new voice.   There comes a time when you have to wonder if what you're saying isn't helpful."  A new voice?   Maybe his players better take another look at his resume: 5 Pennants, 2 World Series, 4 time Manager of the year, 3rd all time in Wins behind Connie Mack and John McGraw.   And this wasn't just with 1 team, he did it in both leagues.  Now we don't know how serious LaRussa is about leaving the Loo, but isn't it worth  a call to find out?   I am not completely giving up on Jerry Manuel  and this is not meant to knock  him as a Manager, but when a guy with as impressive a resume as LaRussa becomes available you get on the phone and find out what it will take.   LaRussa is the type of  coach who can  really maximize the potential of a  Daniel Murphy or  an Angel Pagan.   And how about bringing a sense of class (2007 DUI aside) back to Queens?   How about someone who can handle the media for once?  The Cardinals will have a lot of decision making to do this off season between signing Matt Holliday and Pujols to long term extensions, maybe they will let Tony walk after the 3 and out playoff embarassment.   I find it hard to believe, but it's worth a call.   He's too good  a fit here.   Pick up the phone boys.