Perhaps the Mets would be better served by a large piece of plywood behind the plate"We used no mattress on our hands, no cage upon our face, We stood right up and caught the ball, with courage and with grace."-George Ellard, C, 1869 Red StockingsAs Met fans we are all too aware that our favorite team has many holes to fill, and while most of the talk is of acquiring a corner outfielder or a #2 starting pitcher, some attention should also be paid to #2 in your scorebook, the catcher.In 2009 Met catching duties were split for the most part among 2 players, free-agent-to-be Brian Schneider and former-Yankee-minorleague-afterthought Omir Santos.Despite his bringing out the best in Oliver Perez (you can look it up), Schneider seems at best 50/50 to be brought back.   Santos got his first taste of the majors at age 27 and profiles as a back up.   Given that Santos is cost-effective (his salary is so small that Cot's Contracts doesn't even list it) and under team control until roughly 2015, it seems fair to operate under the assumption that he will be back."It's funny.   All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they'll do practically anything you want them to."-Holden Caulfield, 'The Catcher In The Rye,' J.D. SalingerSo, that leaves us with the question:   with whom do we pair Santos behind the plate?   Fans hungry for homegrown talent hope Josh Thole will be that person.   Thole, however, is still a work in progress defensively and despite stellar batting numbers in the minor leagues has not even one game of AAA experience.   Today is his 23rd birthday and given these facts perhaps a year of AAA seasoning would be best for his long term future.Free agent catcher names have been bandied about quite freely over the past few weeks.   Yesterday, our good friends at MLBTR unveiled their "Trade Market:   Catchers" list.   If I were to publish it here I assure you they would sue me faster than Usain Bolt runs 100 meters, so please click on the highlighted link and check out the list.   Also helpful is a list of "Triple-A Catching Options From Other Organizations" compiled at the Royals-centric blog Kings of Kauffman.   Who on these lists do you think might help the Mets?Below is a hint at one person who appears on both lists.No, not Josh Thole, the other guy.  Think fictional Texas oilman.