David Einhorn and Sterling Enterprises discontinued talks for a deal that would have made Einhorn minority owner of the Mets.  Einhorn stated "The extensive nature of changes that were proposed to me at the last minute has made a successful transaction impossible."  Well, I did some poking around with my sources, and got a sample of some of those proposed changes to the deal.  They were a set of demands that Einhorn himself would be required to fulfill. Here are the top ten requirements:10)   Make sure Jeff Wilpon gets his daily juice box9)     Be Mr. Met twice a week8)      “Chill” in the Bronx with Bobby Bonilla7)      Become Jason Bay’s personal hitting coach6)      Be a short order cook at Shake Shack5)      Caddy for Fred Wilpon4)      Give Jose Reyes English lessons3)      Wax Chris Capuano’s arms2)      Watch an entire Mike Pelfrey startAnd the number one requirement that made Einhorn cease negotiations...1)      Get an annual checkup by the Mets’ team doctorsHeyyyooooo.