This week, the Mets announced the departures of coaches Ken Oberkfell, Mookie Wilson, Chip Hale, and Jon Debus.  Despite overseeing an underperforming staff, pitching coach Dan Warthen retained his job.  According to reports, the following are the reasons for the changes: The Mets want more experience on the bench (Obie), someone who can teach Lucas Duda how to range more than 3 feet (Wilson), someone other than a former catcher in the bullpen (Debus), and...Chip Hale left on his own to become bench coach for the Oakland A's (Chipball!).So why is Warthen still around?  Here are the top ten reasons:10. The Mets like how he looks in his cool throwback Expos uniform9. He dries off Mike Pelfrey's hand after each inning8. Everyone loves how he says "Iggy"7. He had nothing to do with the pitching staff's inability to bunt6. R.A. Dickey calls him "Obi-Warthen"5. Rube Walker wasn't available4. He did a great job fixing Oliver Perez3. He brings sammiches to Terry Collins2. He brings lollipops to Jeff WilponAnd the number 1 reason Dan Warthen is still the Mets pitching coach...1. The problem with this team was clearly the first base coachHeyyyooooo!