Recently you have had the opportunity to read a few post by our new authors.  There are four of the new generation total, each bringing a fresh new perspective to the blog.These guys areNewavemetsfan11 who showed off his skills yesterday in his optimistic Mets piece.SpencerRealDirtyMets whose article was just published this morning offering a very rational look at why Sandy was brought in and what has to happen from this point forward.Later this morning ConnorUAF takes a look at what the Chris Young signing could have meant for Big Pelfrey's tenure if signed earlier.  What is unique about Connor?  Well I have socks older than him.  Yet what a poised writer this kid is.  Take a look at his other work here: Up Along FirstWe also have ArtLopez96 who I am anxiously awaiting his first article.   Not to mention that our very own SaltyGary debuted his first article last week.   So for those wrestling fans our there we have our own version of the 4 horsemen added to the mix with SaltyGary in the J.J. Dillon role.  WHOOOOOOOO!!!!Also as I mentioned yesterday the new theme for the blog is almost complete and is it ever impressive.  I can't say enough how much we appreciate the work NJ has put into this as well as a little help from Salty as well.