Sure it's easy for bloggers to comment about how the team should trade this guy, sign that guy, release these guys. But the real challenge is predicting the future.

The Di-Jest will attempt to do just that. Here we are in the first week of January in the year 2014.

Listed below are the Mets-related headlines you can expect to see in the first week of January as we move through the rest of the decade.

Jan. 2015-Mets continue to discuss Ike Davis trade with Orioles, Brewers, Pirates. Insist on top prospect arm and willing to wait.

Jan. 2016-Mets insist this is year team reaches. 500 despite Syndegaard's recent Tommy John Surgery.

Jan. 2017- Mets proud that payroll is still higher than those of Tampa Bay and Houston. Still seeking upgrade to Ruben Tejada for shortstop.

Jan. 2018 - Wilpons at a loss to explain why attendance has dipped below 1 million. Blame media and bloggers.

Jan. 2019- Alderson retires. Reports that 10 year plan is on course.

Jan. 2020- Mets announce plans to move to Montreal. Can't understand where fan support went.


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