Dear Diary,

It's the offseason and you'd think a hotshot baseball player would have nothing on his mind except relaxing and getting ready for the next season.  After all February isn't all that far off.

And it's true that I am mostly taking it easy these days.  I have been watching all the judge shows in the afternoon on TV.  That Judge Judy is a pisser, isn't she?  And during the playing season I can't watch all my regular nighttime shows so I am catching up on all the Jon Stewart DAILY SHOWS.  I'm up to mid May already and while he's a funny dude I find that the jokes are a bit dated.  

Another thing I do is read the New York papers and look up things on the internet.  I'm always interested to see what's being said about me both by the writers and what leaks out from the team.

It's a little tricky trying to figure out what's on Sandy's mind.  Sometimes he gives it away like last year when he said, "Outfield, what outfield?".  But that didn't come to much because we got to spring training and it was still, "what outfield?"

Now this year the team might actually have a few bucks to spend on account of some pricey contracts are coming off the books.  And it's no secret that we have to score a lot more runs if we don't want still another 74 win season.

And this is where I'm getting all befuddled.  Jeff Wilpon, the youngest of the team's three owners and the one that got our triple A team tossed out of Buffalo all the way out to Las Vegas (Ike and Ruben tell me it's damn friggen hot out there in the summertime), said that the guys they wanted to keep were  David Wright (well, duh!), Dillon Gee, Zacky Wheeler, and Jon Niese.  Just four and no me.

The next day they kind of backtracked and said that yeah ol' Murphy is in that keeper group too.

On one hand I believe them and then on the other I don't.

The way I figure it is 

1- If some other team offers the Mets a SS who can hit even a little it'll be bye bye Murphy.

2- If some team offers the Mets an outfielder who can hit - especially if the guy has homerun power - again it'll be bye bye me.

3- If we go to arbitration and I win and then they have to pay me more than they want to it's....   well, you know.


So about the only way I get to hang around is if no good trades happen and if my salary fits within their guidelines.  Can't say I love the odds.   But until the day comes when I'm a free agent it's not like I have much choice in the matter.

That's it for now.  I'll be in touch during the winter.



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