It's Thanksgiving time again, a time when we all can reflect on the many blessings we have.

Thought you might to want to know what some in the Mets family are thankful for even if you never get to hear them say it aloud.

JEFF WILPON - "I'm thankful that I live in a country so great that a young man like myself can 'work' himself up from the top so that I, born to a rich father, can be given the job of Chief Operating Officer of a multimillion dollar sports franchise despite having no real qualifications for the job. I also am thankful for the fact that when things go right with the team I can take credit for it while if things go wrong I can have my GM or his assistants take the blame."

MIKE BAXTER- "I'm thankful for having so much time in the major leagues the past few seasons despite having just one almost-major-league skill - the ability to hit occasional late-game pinch-hit singles. I also am appreciative of all the free dinners I have received at New York restaurants because of a great catch I made preserving Johan Santana's no hitter. You'd think I'd prevented the assassination of the pope or something."

LUCAS DUDA - "I'm very thankful for the fact that the team has told me I can burn my outfielder's glove. Believe me - playing out there was as painful for me to experience as it was for you to watch. I know I'm no Joey Votto out there but first base is where I belong. Serenity now."

DAVID WRIGHT - "I'm thankful that of all the players on the NY Mets I am the one the owners have chosen to be the highest paid and the so called "Face of the Franchise." To be compared to someone like Derek Jeter in this city is a joy. And one thing I have over him is that I'm always free to plan my post season vacations to start in the first week of October. Unlike many other baseball players I needn't worry about the burden of participating in the playoffs."

RUBEN TEJADA- "To tell you the truth things have been tough for me the past year. I'm not real thankful for anything. Maybe next year."

GARY COHEN- "I'm thankful to be able to announce Seton Hall basketball in the off-baseball-season. It's nice to be associated with a team that has the capability of winning more games than it loses."

TERRY COLLINS- "I'm thankful that I still have the manager's job. I realize that not too many managers in baseball history get to win about 74 games every season and continue to work. Perhaps ownership feels that without my steady hand at the helm the team might win even fewer games. A scary thought indeed."


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