As many of you have been able to tell lately, it has been a struggle here at TRDM to keep the content updated as we have went through many author changes over the last year.  With Twitter, many fans no longer feel the urge to write an entire post for free or to commit to the time and effort that it takes to be a permanent writer for a small blog.  While I still feel that we have been able to produce great quality articles, the main thing that keeps our loyal group of readers coming back is the interaction with each other. 

Thus, we are going to expand TRDM to include a forum feature.  That will allow you the reader to be much more active in the process here.  While we will still try to push out quality articles, you won't have to wait on those authors to give you a topic to discuss, you can create your own. 

The system I am currently using is free and will most likely have bugs.  I have noticed that once you register, it brings up your avatar from other sites.  Perhaps it is connected to Disqus as I haven't had enough time to research it. 

Feel free to play around with it, give me your thoughts, ask questions and as always we will be as responsive as possible.  I feel that 5 years of hard work and friendship is too much to throw away just due to difficulty finding authors.  You guys are the best comment community around and now you will have that voice. 

You will find the link in the top right hand corner of the menu bar or you can click the link below.