Halladay is definitely all he is advertised and in a 1 game series chips on the line no one in MLB would be favored when squared off against him most likely.The thing is while Halladay is the real deal the Phillies pitching staff need to shore up their staff unless they expect their offense to win a bulk of their games.Looking at the numbers here is what the Phillies starters have done   so far in 2010.PHI Starters 10/W       6/L       3.91/ERA       142.2/IP       62/ER       67/R       39/BB       109/SOPHI Starters Without/Halladay5/W       5/L       5.21/ERA       93.2/IP             54/ER       58/R       35/BB       70/SORoy Halladay 5/W       1/L       1.47/ERA       49.0/IP             8/ER       9/R       4/BB       39/SONow compare that with the Mets so far in 2010.NYM Starters 9/W       6/L       3.62/ERA       131.2/IP       53/ER       56/R       61/BB       113/SONYM Starters Without/Pelfrey5/W       5/L       4.00/ERA       101.2/IP       45/ER       48/R       47/BB       92/SONYM Starters Without/Santana6/W       5/L       4.09/ERA       101.1/IP       46/ER       49/R       52/BB       85/SOMike Pelfrey 4/W       1/L       2.40/ERA       30.0/IP             8/ER       8/R       14/BB       21/SOJohan Santana 3/W       1/L       2.08/ERA       30.1/IP             7/ER       7/R       9/BB       28/SO