toasterawardThanks to Metsfan4decades TRDMB just tripped 30,000 comments.   It has been a great ride since this site was started in late May.   Stay tuned as in the coming months TRDMB will go through a lot of changes including 6 new authors being brought in and a site redesign.   You will also be able to complete a survey about how we can improve the site.   Remember as was stated many times in the early goings, this is your site as much as it is ours.   For now, please enjoy the famous TRDMB toaster as a symbol of our gratitude.   Considering that Metsfan4decades already has one of our prize toasters for the 1,000th comment I offer this one to TRDMB community.Also, you may take a  stroll down memory lane thanks to  Mr. NJ.1st comment of T.R.D.M.B.Date: Wednesday, May 20 2009 at 8:50 amwritten by: trs86Subject: What to do with 1B?Comment: At this point I think our best option is #3, quickly. We can’t have a guy that can’t hit and has no clue at the position. Jeremy Reed makes NO sense for 1B. I can understand Tatis, Murphy, Sheff but Reed?10,000 comment of T.R.D.M.B.Date: Friday, June 5 2009 at 2:31 pmWritten by: Joe RSubject: Putz Kaput for 8-10 weeks?Comment: Thats true but if this is really whats causing Putz to lose 5 mph off his fastball then hopefully it comes back. Stupid organization should have had him get the surgery a few weeks ago.20,000 comment of T.R.D.M.B.Date: Saturday, July 11 2009 at 6:04 pmWritten by: stickguySubject: Send Me An AngelComment: My prize came today (faith and fear in flushing). Looks good. My son grabbed it and is reading it. So far, I had to explain to him who Mike Vail was. I may not get it back for a while.30,000 comment of T.R.D.M.B.Date: 9-11-09Written by:   Metsfan4decadesSubject:   Mets in the PapersComment:   If we do resign Delgado, then what is the backup choice? We keep Murphy? There is no way Delgado makes it through most of the season healthy, in my opinion.I know the FA first baseman choices are really slim this year. If we can sign Delgado cheap, and we do keep Murphy, then we’d better be going after that younger bat for LF - and someone who can actually play LF. I don’t want to hear about Pagan being either our starting LF or RF. At best, he should be part of our bench.And someone should give him a book of ‘Baseball Instincts for Dummies 101′ to read over the off season….