On November 30th, 2009, the Mets resigned Alex Cora to a 1-year $2million deal with a vesting option for a second year at the same price. I went back in the RDMB archives and dug up some our own reader and writer's thoughts back on that day..."This move does not inspire much confidence for the rest of the offseason!" -Gipperpdx"If this is true, it’s an indication that they’ve learned nothing and that nothing has changed. It’s gonna be a long year if this indicator turns out to a true glimpe into this off season’s philosophy." -Gravediggerhebner"He (Cora) played very well at the beginning of the season and when Reyes was first injured. Then his mediocrity was exposed as he played way more frequently than he should have. In fairness, he was also playing with two bad digits....So afterall of this, I guess I have to be willing to believe Cora’s injuries derailed his play and that he will provide value if needed." -Wannybackstra"Got no problem with this. Any decent bench player is going to make this type of cash seeing the league min is 400k. There are a lot of spaces the Mets need to fill and this guy saved the Mets ass when Rey Rey went down. Plus he is the one of the few guys that just went out and played instead of looking like a sad sack like much of the rest of the roster." -Saltygary"I really hope the report is wrong in the dollar amount. $1mil plus incentives would be fine with me but guaranteeing 2mil is just stupid…so thats probably what it is." -Jaydh"I don’t mind having him on the team as the BU MI (especially if they can upgrade at 2B), but it was a waste of money, and a minimum salary guy probably could out perform him." -Stickguy"Wouldn’t mind having Cora on the team, but $2 million is absurd for a 34 year old back-up coming off multiple off-season surgeries. And sure, $2mil doesn’t sound like much - but when you make a few of these low million contracts each offseason to players that you could probably replace with minimum salary guys, it adds up, and can prevent you from signing someone with much more value to the team." -Prismo"Yeah, this move clearly signals it is all over for 2010 already. Why bother paying attention?" -Kingman and his sarcastic clairvoyance"Maybe cost a little too much but certainly won’t matter in the long run." -Trs86