Those of us old enough to remember or smart enough to be able to read know that in the mid-1980s, specifically 1986, The New York Mets were pretty good.Also pretty good in the mid-1980s was a-ha, a synth pop band that, like the Mets of that era, captured the world's attention.   The Mets did it with their total domination of Major League Baseball. a-ha did it with a catchy pop tune and a cutting edge video.In 1986 the Mets won 108 regular season games en route to their second World Championship.   The album from which a-ha's hit 'Take On Me' was culled, 'Hunting High And Low,' was one of 1986's best selling albums.Today it has come to my attention that a-ha has decided to retire.   In tribute to great memories of 1986, here is their video for 'Take On Me.'   To see and hear a higher quality version than the one below please visit MTV.