Browsing through this mornings headlines I came across two not so sexy names that would be in my opinion perfect additions to the 2013 Mets while albeit possibly not in starter roles.The first one isJason Bourgeois Elects Free AgencyBourgeois is a 30 year old career AAAA player with tons of speed who also bats RH and plays solid defense.  So why should the Mets be interested?  Because he as a 4th OF can provide at least what Torres is supposed to provide at a much cheaper price and as a RH can actually pair up with Kirk in CF at least providing some speed and defense to the team.   Jason over the last two years has a line of:
while stealing 36 bases in 318 PA.During that same span, Andres Torres has a line of:
while stealing 32 bases in 832 PA.We all know that Torres sucks.  However, one of the things that was always brought up was his ability to hit LH pitching which made him a decent partner for Kirk or DD if he is in the mix.  Bourgeois also uh... excels in that area:
Combine all this with the fact that Jason is also going to be very cheap and most likely will consider a minor league deal and can still be offered 2nd year arbitration following 2013 it seems like he would be a perfect fit for the Mets OF.  I know it's low budget but moves like those can make a huge difference.  For those campaigning for Peter Bourjos here's his 2012 slash line:
 Next in line is a former star: Geovany SotoCatching Rumors: Pierzynski, Martin, SotoSoto had an absolute horrible year last year and was brought to Texas for the stretch drive and plummeted even more. Over the last two years Soto has produced:
What brings that line into complete question is prior to those two years Soto was seen as a rising start producing:
Geovany could be the perfect low-risk high reward candidate to pair with Josh Thole.  The RH still provides great pop hitting 11 HR out of only 64 hits in 324 PA last year and his numbers while still well below career average were much better vs LH.   Soto is still only 29 years old and could come at a cheap price after being non-tendered.  In fact it could be worth exploring to see if the Rangers would trade him to the Mets along with some cash for a PTBNL.Again, I know these two names are not going to slot the Mets into playoff contention but there are a lot of holes to fill and with a limited budget these two could come in handy allowing the Mets to spend the bulk of their money on a RH RF.Thoughts?