After doing my morning browsing I came across 2 names that I think would fit the Mets quite well for next year and should cost them very little in cash and or prospects.  First on the list.   Ryan Garko.   The Mets were rumored to be interested in Garko last year when Delgado went down.   At the time Garko was putting up a respectable line of : .285, .362, .464, .826 with Cleveland.   Garko was traded to San Fran and for reasons unknown fell apart.   Because of this Garko has been identified by MLBTR as a non-tender candidate.   A closer look at his stats revels why he would be a perfect fit for the Mets.   Even factoring in his late season struggles, the RH Garko managed to hit .308, .391, .479, .870 against LHP for the season.   His career splits against LHP show an even more impressive .887 OPS.   Factoring in Murphy's struggles against LHP (.223, .267, .415, .662) and Garko's ability to stand in the OF, why would the Mets NOT be interested?Player #2:Delmon Young.   Young struggled again in 2009.   He seems to have fallen out of favor, if he was ever in, in Minnesota.   At this point he is only considered by them as a 4th OF and he does not have the defensive ability to be a 4th OF.   However, could this 23 year old with 3.5 seasons already under his belt, be the next Frenchy?   Young has shown flashes of his once great hype each year but seems to never be able to put it together.   Would it be a good strategy of the Mets to go with Young, who only makes a little over 1 million and is still under team control, in the OF and focus on pitching?Would a lineup of Reyes, Castillo, Wright, Beltran, Frenchy, Murphy/Garko, Young, Santos be good enough if they Mets bring in pitching?