So, you call yourself a Met fan?   Got some free time Thursday, May 28?   Want to tell Jeff Wilpon, Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel exactly what you think of them to their faces?   Got some money you just don't know what to do with?   Well, bring your valid credit card to Richards, 359 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT on Thursday.   Their are a limited number of tickets available, so call (718) 803-4074 or email as soon as possible to get yours.For more information about this event, including a list of the many worthwhile charities that will benefit, and a list of the current and past Mets that will be attending, click here. No, not here.   Literally on those words that are a different color back there.Here are two hints about not only who will be there, but also some of what they will be doing:Mets Charity Baseball06fanf01-21-010seaver