Well according to Baseball Prospectus PECOTA   is predicting our Mets to finish in fourth place againhere is how they are predicting the  N.L. East .Philadelphia Phillies ( of course they will !) 88-74Atlanta Braves ( bastards!)   85- 77Washington Nationals   ( WHAT THE !!) 82- 80New York Mets ( been there done that ) 77 - 85Florida Marlins       ( this would surprise me !) 76- 86  If this ends up being true   I think that Mr. Met will be dragged out and hung by rabid Mets fans like Mussolini .Oh by the way the yanks are predicted to come in third !!thanks for the tip Mets Blog !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          "   Mr. Met incognito !"