hangoverLast night the Mets lost to the HR Phillies for the 2nd straight night.   I, like many Mets fans,   thought that the Mets would have the advantage against the Phillies at home because of the dimensions of Citifield.   No team had came into Citi and been able to really use the HR as a weapon, obviously including the Mets.   However, what occurred this week was astounding.   7 HR in 3 games, all in critical spots. Look at this stat, the Phillies after this series account for 9/27 HR hit at Citi for 33%.   To make it worse, Omar and Jerry continue to make things difficult on the Mets be not puting a competing team on the field.   I know, before you go there, we have been ravaged by injuries.   But tell he how in the 10th inning against your division rival in a tie game Ken Takahashi is on the mound to face Utley, Howard and Ibane?.   Yes, that's right the same Takahasi who has a line of 3.20 WHIP and .444 BA against LH.   How does a team that is trying to compete with a short handed group, not have a better option?Add to all this frustration, two more pressing issues.   1) The Mets go into Yankee stadium with potentially a Yankee team with something to prove.   2) Another frigging injury that went from nothing, to needs an extra day, to shut down DL AGAIN.   What in the hell?   Can the Mets NEVER handle a DL issue with out controversy?   Is this there way of screwing with us.   As I was listening to the report of Maine going to the DL, I was reading a headline on Sportspyder that said "Maine Pushed Back, Mets Say No Cause for Alarm".   REALLY?   So in 3 hours you decided there was reason for alarm and he needed to go to the DL?   MAYBE you could have decided that earlier when it first happen and MAYBE taking his spot would have been a LHP that could get LH out.I understand that we are in a bind and you can't just go get Oswalt, Lee, uh.. Lee, or maybe even Nick Johnson.   Those things take time and we have no idea what players are being asked for.   However, this I do know, to get through this tough time you have to have your manager and GM on top of their game.   Right now the Mets players are clutch and Omar and Jerry are the ones choking when we need them the most.yankeehangoverBASEBALL/