As you guys know, I am not one to overreact or usually react to quickly.   However, this recent swoon and continued injures has me pondering the direction Omar and the Mets should take.   Hat tip to Stickguy with this post:"To me, the injury bug also raises the real question: Should they "gut" the farm for a shot at this year, even though the move isn’t likely to make the difference?Or, just try to fight through the injuries, break in some prospects, and see what happens, even if it means focusing on 2010?The good GMs (think White Sox a few years back) look realistically at the big picture. The bad ones put on rose colored glasses (think: V. Zambrano) and make trades that hurt for years to come.IMO, the "big" acquisitions are going to be guys they already have. Reyes, Putz, Wagner, Delgado (maybe). And hopefully some help from the minors (F Mart, Holt, maybe some unexpected RP arm).Don’t fixate on the Phils, or trying to win the division. Just get the roster and line up stabilized, and stay in the mix to at least snag the WC.Instead of falling apart in September, get healthy and hot and storm into the playoffs.And don’t panic and trade the farm for poor stop gaps or albatross contracts."That of course is one train of thought.   I am not sure which direction I want to go.   It is debatable if any trade can make a difference.   The Braves bringing in Nate does not make them incredibly better but it does solve some issues.So what are the options?In my thinking it's the following.   I will provide examples of what I think could happen based on these.1) Ride it out.   We have a lot of injuries right now.   They are not career or season ending injuries these players are on schedule to come back.   Ollie can't be that bad forever and the Phillies can't keep winning with the pitching staff they have.Good:   The good in that is that we do not use any prospects and the chemistry that is built if we stay in the race with injuries could propel us even more when they return.Bad:   We are assuming an lot.   Assuming Reyes can shake the leg issues, Delgado will come back and be effective, Church can recover and is not just a 4th OF, and Perez and Putz will get better.   You know what they say about assuming.2) We can make a few minor moves that are more stop gap type moves.   Trades to fill in an OF position, 1B, BP, or a #5 starter.   These are guys that will mostly only cost money or low prospects.   Think the Green/Elduque and Castillo trades.   This provides us with depth and insures the Ramon Martinez, Emil Brown Wilson Valdez's don't play.Good:   Patches holes with out costing us major players or prospects.Bad:   Only patches the holes with very cheap parts that already have rust on them.3) Trade for a difference maker at either the OF, 1B or SP.   This one we hear a lot.   "The Mets should trade for Peavy, Holliday, Halladay, Oswalt, McLouth (whoops),   Lee, Vmart, and the list goes on and on.   These types of players would cost the Mets their best prospects and in some cases even current MLB players.   These guys would take the place of the current players and theoretically solve the problem.Good:   Adds either a strong bat to the lineup or a #2 pitcher behind Johan.   Gives the Mets confidence and tells the team and their fans we want to win this damn thing right now.Bad:   If you don't win this right now it could set your team back for years to come.   Most of those players have decent contracts attached and would tie up any money needed to improve the team in other areas next year.   You would not be able to make trades to improve the team because you have no more prospects.So time for a poll(Click the above link to take a poll about these decisions)