Another rumor from the most active reporter of the day.   This one from Sherman's Twitter page: "If Burrell goes to #Cubs for MBradley, #Mets consider Castillo-for-Burrell, but r hesitant because of defense/makeup issues with Burrell"If true, how desperate are the Mets to unload Castillo.   We heard from Heyman earlier this weekend that the involvement of the Mets might actually be slowing down the trade.   I don't know if Burrell could be counted on to be Murphy's 1B partner as well and basically take Sheffield's spot from last year.   I would hope the Mets are not seriously considering him for a full-time LF spot.   So would the 3 million saved and the addition of most likely Burrell and Hudson be worth it?   I guess it depends on how much Hudson cost.Update:   According to multiple reports the Mets are NOT interested in Burrell and he is NOT on the Mets.   Round and round she goes where she stops nobody knows!"