According to Jon Heyman , Wagner has been claimed by an unidentified team.   The Mets are still on the hook for about 2.5M   for this year's salary and another 1M if the Mets choose to buy  out his 8M option this off-season. The Mets have 3 days to decide  among3 options.   1 Allow Billy to be taken by the claiming team with nothing in return, strictly salary relief. 2 Try and work out a trade with the claiming team that they do not have to accept. 3 Pull Billy back into the depths of this Mets season of despair.     According the MLBTR the Marlins and Rays are known to have interest in Wagner.UPDATE:   According to Ken Rosenthal the Red Sox were the team that claimed Wagner.   See options above as to what their options are.   That decision will have to be made by 1:00pm Tuesday.What do you guys think the Mets should do?   As I have already expressed, to me the best option is to keep him and hope that he builds up enough value to offer arbitration in the off-season.   Billy has already said he wants to be a closer so I do not see him accepting the arbitration.   If he does then we have a well paid closer tandem unless one is traded.Update: In more Mets drama today Gary Sheffield said, according to Bart Hubbuch, did he did NOT ask for extension. Can we have one laid back drama free day with this circus?