Box ScoreUpdate: This is where I usually put the score, but I forgot to. The Mets won 6-5.SECOND UPDATE: GIRL IN BLUETonight was not a night in which Mr. Dickey had his best knuckler. This fact combined with the Mets defense not performing well (not that it is to be expected), led to a tumultuous outing for RA. The Mets offense certainly did its job however, getting to Cliff Lee (Cole Hamels is who I meant, thanks Stick) to the tune of four runs over seven innings.More about that Mets defense though- it was terrible. Dickey walked just one batter while striking out seven, and he didn't allow a home run. The Phillies just kept putting the ball in play, and the Mets defense kept letting them fall in. There was no discernible difference in the way that Hamels and Dickey pitched tonight, other than the defenses behind them.In the first inning it was apparent that this game would be anything but filled with run prevention from the Mets, as Dickey would allow his first run in the first inning all year.After allowing another run in the second on a Jimmy Rollins double, the Mets would get one of the runs back in the bottom of that same inning. The aforementioned run came courtesy of Lefty Masher ©, Scott Hairston, hitting another home run off of left-handed pitching. They would make up the second run in the bottom of the third inning, on an RBI single from David Wright (more from him later).The Phillies would regain the lead in the top of the fourth on a Hunter Pence groundball single, on which Dickey had no fault other than allowing it not to be near a fielder. David Wright, as mentioned before, would respond by hitting a go ahead two-run shot that would give the Mets their first lead of the game.Jimmy Rollins would tie the game on a triple, coupled with a poor relay, allowing Cole Hamels (!) to score from first. Juan Pierre would squeeze Rollins in to give the Phillies the lead.The game would slog along at that point, with the only notable even being Pedro Beato getting a big out on John Mayberry with runners on first and second and two out. If he can get some of those it would be immensely helpful to the Mets' bullpen.In the 9th, the Mets would get the tying run to 3rd base with just one out, and Kirk coming up. He (predictably) would strike out, leaving the game up to Jonathon Papelbon Killer © Jordany Valdespin. He wold fearlessly stand in there as Papelbon would pound him with waaaaay inside pitches, and not back down. He eventually would be hit by a pitch, bringing up my favorite, Rubes.Tejada would have an epic at-bat, and it would culminate with a walk. Tejada showcased his excellent plate discipline, laying off a curve for either ball two or three (I'm typing as this is going down, cut me a break), and a cloooooose fastball for ball four. Here comes El Murphito.Murphy would hit a grondball back to Papelbon OH MY GOD IT HIT HIS ANKLE, IS MURPHY SAFE AT FIRST?? YEES!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!! YOU DON'T GET COVERAGE LIKE THIS AT METSBLOG DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!111!!!111!!1!UPDATE: Wright would bloop a single to right to win the game, and the BABIP Gods smile upon us finally.Continue reading for some notes on tonight's game.Yeah, Dickey pitched pretty well tonight. The Met defense was poor at best, with Lucas Duda being front and center in the awful-ness. This is why Torres is valuable folks...David Wright's home run was one of those moments where you just pump your fist without even thinking about it. It was just too awesome to not pump your fist. If you didn't, do so now, you'll feel better. I promise.This ump was a total arse-hat, define your strike-zone. I don't care if it is bad, but don't change it around. The pitch he punched Hairston out on was a good six inches inside.If the Mets come back and win (it is the top of the 9th as I write this), I'm gonna look like a total scrooge doing all this complaining.Points of discussion:
  • This is only for if they win: Is Spencer a scrooge? On a scale of Will Ferrell in Elf being the lowest,  to the Grinch being the highest?
  • Beato, is this young chap a potentially valuable piece?
  • Why isn't Johan in the All-Star game, and why is there no outrage over this?
Tomorrow night at 7:10 the Mets will take on the Cubs, with Johan Santana taking on Travis Wood.