What? Is that the wrong Hudgens?  Not in my book, but anyway, back to the topic at hand.

As figured Valverde was released as soon as he threw his last pitch today.  You have to figure it was only a matter of time.  No lightening in the bottle this year it seems.  I still don't get why they went with MdD today instead if leaving Black up because of the short pen.  Big mistake it appears.

nw on to the bigger news, Hudgens was scapegoated for the Mets hitters being awful.  Perhaps some of it was he was unable to reach the players, however most of it would be a bad start by some hitters and bad choices of others.  We all know that when times are bad, some on has to fall on the grenade, so be it.  Hudgens wasn't a lovable guy, mostly just an excuse for people to spout off about a hitting approach that they didn't understand.  Once the media gets their teeth into something, the fans follow, or perhaps it's the opposite.  Either way, he's gone, we have a guy no one knows anything about, and we keep moving towards the iceberg.