Video courtesy of ESPNNew York MetsHittersABRHRBIBBSO#PAVGOBPSLGTotals2936335111
R Tejada SS40100116.295.341.358
D Murphy 2B31101113.294.336.408
D Wright 3B4000019.306.390.495
I Davis 1B31101114.225.304.455
S Hairston CF-LF40000116.260.298.506
J Bay LF0000000.155.231.294
L Duda LF31230015.244.333.399
M Acosta P0000000.000.000.000
J Hampson P0000000.000.000.000
b-F Lewis PH1000001.158.304.158
B Parnell P0000000.000.000.000
M Baxter RF3010005.257.359.406
J Thole C30000010.237.299.294
J Niese P1000008.218.295.218
a-J Valdespin PH0000104.241.286.422
A Torres CF0000000.226.324.324
a-walked for J Niese in the 8thb-grounded to shortstop for J Hampson in the 9th
BATTING2B: D Murphy (39, T Hudson); R Tejada (25, C Martinez)HR: L Duda (15, 7th inning off T Hudson 2 on, 2 Out)RBI: L Duda 3 (57)S: J Niese2-out RBI: L Duda 3GIDP: L Duda, D WrightMets RISP: 1-5 (R Tejada 0-1, D Wright 0-2, S Hairston 0-1, L Duda 1-1)Team LOB: 3
BASERUNNINGCS: M Baxter (3, 2nd base by T Hudson/D Ross)
New York MetsPitchersIP H RERBBSOHRPC-STERATotals9.0411361135-89
J Niese(W, 13-9)7.0411331112-713.40
M Acosta(H, 2)0.10000103-36.75
J Hampson(H, 1)0.200001012-92.08
B Parnell(S, 6)1.00000108-62.60
PITCHINGFirst-pitch strikes/Batters faced: J Niese 15/28; M Acosta 1/1; J Hampson 0/2; B Parnell 1/3Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In Play strikes: J Niese 15-8-26-22; M Acosta 2-1-0-0; J Hampson 3-1-4-1; B Parnell 1-1-2-2Ground Balls-Fly Balls: J Niese 13-5; M Acosta 0-0; J Hampson 1-0; B Parnell 0-2Game Scores: J Niese 65
Atlanta BravesHittersABRHRBIBBSO#PAVGOBPSLGTotals3114136135
R Johnson CF40000020.287.332.396
M Prado LF30001114.304.360.439
J Heyward RF40100219.269.337.483
C Jones 3B40000012.289.377.462
F Freeman 1B41110115.265.347.466
D Uggla 2B20102018.218.346.385
D Ross C40000215.254.323.438
A Simmons SS30100012.287.333.413
T Hudson P2000004.218.250.273
a-T Pastornicky PH1000006.242.288.327
C Martinez P0000000.000.000.000
C Gearrin P0000000.000.000.000
a-grounded to second for T Hudson in the 7th
BATTINGHR: F Freeman (23, 4th inning off J Niese 0 on, 1 Out)RBI: F Freeman (94)Braves RISP: 0-1 (T Hudson 0-1)Team LOB: 6
FIELDINGDP: 2 (A Simmons-F Freeman, C Jones-F Freeman).
Atlanta BravesPitchersIP H RERBBSOHRPC-STERATotals9.0633351111-66
T Hudson(L, 16-7)7.053314186-553.62
C Martinez0.110020015-33.96
C Gearrin1.200001010-81.47
PITCHINGIBB: I Davis (By T Hudson); D Murphy (By C Martinez)First-pitch strikes/Batters faced: T Hudson 16/25; C Martinez 0/4; C Gearrin 4/4Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In Play strikes: T Hudson 15-6-14-20; C Martinez 1-0-0-2; C Gearrin 1-3-1-3Ground Balls-Fly Balls: T Hudson 11-5; C Martinez 1-0; C Gearrin 3-1Game Scores: T Hudson 58
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