Video courtesy of ESPNIf you watch ESPN BBTN break down K-Rod   they discuss his BAbip being so high and that he doesn't trust his stuff. Well over the last 6 years there was 1 other time where KRod's BAbip was higher than .300 in the 1st half. In 2007 KRod's BAbip was .322 at the end of the 1st half. He had 2 Blown Saves and 24 Saves during that stretch and he finished the season with 6 Blown Saves and 40 Saves tied for 2nd in the A.L. for most Saves.   Now in 2010 KRod's BAbip is .333 and he has 4 Blown Saves and 20 Saves. If you compare the 1st halves of 2007 & 2010 there doesn't seem to be much differences between them hopefully meaning that this is something KRod has dealt with before and hopefully he finishes his 2nd half with a strong finish leading the N.L. in Saves.1st HalfGABRH2B3BHRBBSOSO/BBBAOBPSLGOPSBAbip