ws2009-ballotI keep seeing Mets fans post how they are rooting for the Phillies to beat the Yankees or others say they'd much rather root for the Yankees to beat the Phillies. I just have to ask as a Mets fan how can you root for either team? What we should be doing is taking a page from that classic Richard Pryor movie "Brewster's Millions" and root for   "None Of The Above".It's one thing to say that you'd rather the Yankees or the Phillies win for whatever personal reason you may have but the idea that you actually can sit there and root for either team somehow as a Mets fan just doesn't sound right. Think about it are you going to be sitting there Game 1 rooting for Rollins to hit a HR off of Rivera in the bottom of the 9th? How bout rooting for AROD to go deep against Hamels with the bases loaded?Me personally I'd rather the Yankees win then have the Phillies every time we play them throw their back2back rings in our faces but I am not going to sit their and actually root Cano on to get a hit off of Lee to tie a game up. Before you think I may be just a sore loser let me just say I give both teams the respect they deserve they are truly the best teams in baseball and deserve all that comes with that but that does not mean I now will sit there and root for them.How about you how do you feel about it will you be rooting for the Yankees? Will you root for the Phillies or do you agree and will root for "None Of The Above"? Below is a Poll let us know who you plan to root for.Mets Fans Who Will You Root For To Win The 2009 World Series?(survey software)