Spring training should be the one time of year for Mets’ fans where there is hope. I have noticed a disturbing trend of apathy and depression emerging this spring training that is stronger than in any past years. This level of apathy and depression should be saved for the first five game losing streak of the season or first major injury, not for spring training. I don’t blame any Mets fan for presuming the worst for this season but I urge everyone to hold off on the negativity and look at the positives during this spring. Focus on the exciting prospect we’re getting to see this spring. Believe in breakout seasons for Ike Davis and Jon Niese. Root for David Wright as he represents the Mets and the United States in the World Baseball Classic. Think of the success of teams like the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks, 2012 Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics. This negativity extends to the radio and shows like Benigno & Roberts on WFAN. Listening to Joe & Evan talk Mets with Eddie Coleman is a depressing 15 minutes. The Mets have a dark aura around them for good reasons but let’s allow the sunshine state to overwhelm this dark aura for the remainder of spring. Let’s have a positive outlook and allow the team to disappoint us when they’re ready. That is instead of entering the season assuming the worst and feeling a depressed sense of vindication when your predictions are correct. Hold onto the positives during spring training because goodness knows we will probably have enough to complain about during the season. I’m attempting to reinvigorate the excitement I have for the Mets upcoming season. I hope fans will join me in my crusade for positive thinking in spring training. Think back to your youth or if you’re still in your youth think back to last Friday, and the excitement baseball in March brings. Ya Gotta Believe!