I'm quite sure Wally Backman thought he had all the qualities to be a big league manager- smarts, savvy, discipline, toughness and the 86' ring on his finger.  But the one thing he didn't have was the one thing that kept him from the big chair-major league experience. So Backman goes down in the book as the last Minaya casualty, he is a victim of a lame duck GM who worked for an untrusting owner.  And Omar had a window, after the All-Star break when the Mets needed a jump start, Omar should've pulled the trigger and put Backman in to complete the 2010 season. It might have been the deciding factor, it might have shown ownership that Wally could handle the big leagues-even if it was for a couple of months.   But whether Omar's hands were tied or Jeff Wilpon lacked the courage to make the move, Manuel was left in the clubhouse to fill it's halls with laughing Press Conferences and a team that finished a tiped 4th in the NL East.  Backman fate was sealed as his one chance was sabotaged by forces he had no control over.The irony of the situation is that only now are we hearing that, according a Joel Sherman interview with David Wright, that their was some "unprofessionalism in the clubhouse" and a sense of  "inmates running the asylum" under the leadership of Jerry Manuel.  It now seems pretty obvious that the  clubhouse needed a new leader, a force to kick start the veterans and give the team some attitude.  You mean to tell me that neither Jeff nor Omar saw any of this the entire year? Isn't that a little scary? That was the perfect time to bring in Backman for a change but what's done is done and if  Wally didn't make it in then, he never will and right now, he's either he's heading back to Brooklyn or looking somebody who is willing to take a chance on him.I wish him luck.And so this morning, the Collins Era begins.  I will not pass judgement on the man.  I saw Philadelphia run Terry Francona out of town like he was a witch from Salem and I've seen the headline of Clueless Joe on the back cover of the Daily News the day he was hired by the Yankees.  We all know what these managers went on to do.So good luck Mr. Collins and Mr. Backman. Two men going through two different doors.