I'm buying into the "Core" mentality.Since  I've been hearing term for the past year now more than ever and after watching last nights Philly/Dodger game, I am beginning to  realize just how true this  term is.   So I am putting out the word:   The  Mets  need players, not rentals, but players for the "Core"Right now, the Met "Core" of Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Francoeur and Santana are keepers.    We're looking to build around these guys and I am on the hunt for one more guy-maybe two.  My question to everyone is...if you were to add another  "Core" player, who would it be?     Let's assume that money and trades are not a factor.   Who in this  league would you pick?   You have the following positions to choose from....Left Field, Catcher, First Base  or  Second Base to find your players.The only rule is that the player you choose cannot be from Philly or the Yankees.   ( I figured there is a slim chance that we're getting Howard or A-rod, not that we really wanted him anyway)O.k, let's see it.