Ah yes, the Mets on SNY, the Yankees of YES and the Phillies on ESPN.  Welcome to the age of the remote control.  I watched three games last night, all at once.  I wore out two double AA batteries flipping back and forth between three channels and let me tell you-it's a beautiful thing.But I saw three distinct things watching these three teams last night and even though it may not be permanent, I think there worth noting.  I'll start with the team I hate the most-the Yankees.I still can't believe people actually root for them but regardless, I really would've liked to see the Yankees release Jorge Posada-just to stick it to him but I guess there are guys above the team.  Anyway, watching the Yankees is like watching 9 guys swing for the fence every time they get up.  The Phillies were playing the Cards on ESPN and I've been seeing this trend a lot lately with them and I think it's going to lead to a problem.  Charlie Manuel leans on his starters real hard.  Lee and Holliday throw a lot, even when they are down runs.  I saw Holliday throw a complete game loss the other night and last night, I saw Lee throw something like 117 pitches in 6 1/3 innings.  He was only down 2-1 when his wildness and lack of spotting his fastball caused the Cards to gain another run.  Maybe Manuel is  intimidated by his star pitchers or  maybe he  has no bullpen but regardless, I could see the whip marks on Lee's behind from being left in too long-oh and by the way Lee walked six batters last night but that still didn't get Manuel out of the dugout.  It was when it was 3-1 did Manuel pop out and pull him.  And another thing-the Phillies don't hit.Finally, the Mets.  I saw something- life without David Wright.  There has been a lot of talk about keeping Reyes and trading Wright and last night and possibly the next 10-15 games, we are about to see what the Mets would look like without David at third.  I know that we've seen a glimpse of it when Wright was on the DL with the concussion, but we never saw it when Reyes, Beltran and Bay were healthy. What did you think?Just something to think about it on your Tuesday morning.