nowwhatOmar and Jerry have been telling everyone that their goal was to stay above .500.   Omar and Jerry both have also said that if we got to .500 or below then changes have to be made.   Well.... We did what you said, now what?Manuel said prior to yesterday's game:"If we get below that mark, and we continue to struggle offensively as we are, I think that it’s a no-brainer.   I think we have to visit that. I think that has to be visited or talked about at some point.   It would be dishonest if I said no… You’re going to write the headlines tomorrow: ‘Jerry said we need a bat! We need it now!’ (laughing) That’s all good, though."Cerrone at Metsblog had the following to say:Last night, Jerry Manuel was asked by a reporter about the team’s offense, which Manuel responded to by saying he must find offense some place on the roster.He was then asked, ‘Where,’ to which he laughed, looked under the table, joked around, and laughed more.What… are you… laughing at?I understand where Cerrone is coming from here. It makes me angry to hear Omar or Jerry laugh right now because we are not laughing. But I also understand Jerry's situation. He has been given scrubs to try and stay .500 and every day someone else goes down. At this point besides doing an Ozzie Gullien tirade on the GM what can he do? I think he knows his job is on the line and he is trying every way he knows how to put pressure on Omar to bring in more talent.The one person right now, however, I would not want to be is Omar. Omar has a lot of pressure right now. He knows the fan base desperately wants the team to make the playoffs. He also knows that the farm system that he took over was beyond terrible and has been pillaged   already by him in the Santana and Putz trades. We have a few top prospects that will be sought after, the problem is that is basically ALL we have. We are thin to say the least. Then you factor in that every team knows the Mets will need to make a trade if they fall below .500. If Omar makes a trade he better have the trade lube handy because it's going to cost us.   So Omar's decision?A) Trade top prospect(s) for a potential difference maker with a large contract or ending contract.B) Trade Parnell+ for a guy like Teahen or Johnson (similar price to DeRosa).C) Trade nobody and say the hell with it, we have too many holes to be trading any prospects.I know Omar gets a lot of heat and is compensated well but I do not envy this decision.j27isfmgwuTechnorati Profile