According to Joel Sherman a Mets official was quoted with the headline above.I think this is good because it means that barring the unforeseen circumstance the Mets will get one of this year's holy trinity.   However, I also have to wait and see what follows after one of the big names gets a big pay day.   The old Mets would then back fill the team with 2nd chance players and misfits.   So in my opinion the next 2 months will determine if it's business as usual for the Mets and in my opinion determine the fates of Jerry, Omar and the 2010 season.   Please don't read this the wrong way.   I am not saying the Mets have to go out and spend 50 million.   I am saying that Bay, Marquis and a former Expo are not enough.   Yes I know not all holes can be permanently filled in one off-season but they can be plugged.   Last year, and I am sure Fongy would agree, the Mets stopped one short by not signing Abreu for LF.   Leaving question marks in LF and RF.   Both burned them.   It was not the money in my opinion that stopped the Mets from getting Abreu.   It was a vast miscalculation of what we had coming back.   So for this year if a guy like Lopez is still hanging around in February and Castillo is still here, go get him.   If it's late January and you have Lackey and Cameron and Garland is still there for 1 year and 8 million go get him.   As I have said since the injuries occurred last year, in my opinion 2010 will be a make it or break it year in many ways for the current Mets team.   Omar will have to use all of his resources appropriately for the Mets to again be competitive for the NL East both next year and for years to come.