It had been a while since I've seen David Wright like he was in last nights post game. I like it.I want to see him angry, I want to see him take charge, I want to see him fire up his team mates.  Y'know what?  I really want to see something done.  Talk is cheap David.  Now tonights game has some meaning.  I'll accept the fact that the Phillies are way better than the Mets right now.  I'll accept the fact that the Phillies will be celebrating the N.L East title in a few days.But what I saw last night with Chase Utley taking out Rubin Tejada should be addressed.  If anything, anything, a fastball in the rump or a take out slide in the next two days.  According to R.A. Dickey, he thinks so too.Yes I know that Utley plays hard and gives nothing away, I know that he and his team are in the Pennant Race and they want it bad, I also know that is  was a "legal" slide but if the Mets have anything left, they must at least retaliate in some way against Utley. Last night Pedro Feliciano did his job by striking out Utley in the bottom of the 8th and rightly so for the game was well within reach.  However, today is a different story and the Mets must send a message that even though they may be in the cellar of the East, they will protect their players.   At least they should send a message to Tejada that his team mates are there for him.  Like it was said on the Post Game show by Bobby Ojeda , Tejada is a young impressionable player that must see that support from his team mates. Like I said, I'll take the sweep, I just want to see a little payback. I think Jerry Manuel thinks so too.