As   crazy as this may sound, this may be the defining moment for the entire 2010 Mets Season.   This upcoming week will  determine where this team, GM, Coaches and ownership want this team to be.   Hopefully, we'll look back at this road trip as the one that turned everything around for the good rather than the bad.      Right now, the Mets are awful, sorry let me rephrase that, pitiful.   They can't hit and have no fight in them what so ever.   But sometimes it takes a road trip like this to stir things up.    Let's remain optimistic here, as hard as that could be,  and ponder some questions  as  the Mets take that long plane ride home and have a nice day to recover.  So Omar is "not sitting back".   This could be a good thing.  Last week, as the Mets were getting pounded by Giants and Diamondbacks, I turned my attention to the ESPN crawl.   I was looking for the trades, any trades teams were making.   And I'll be totally honest,   I had very little confidence that Omar  was  going  make that trade for any pitcher.   Funny thing was, I was rooting against teams picking up players rather than hoping the Mets were going to acquire anyone.    Is it just me thinking like this?      One week the Yankees are going after Lee, last week the Phillies are going after Oswalt.   Yes I   understand that neither team acquired those players but at least there  out there trying.    The only move the Mets made was signing Chad Cordero.   Not exactly what I think this team needs at this point.     So my first question off this road trip is....are the Mets really looking for a starting pitcher?    Are they looking to really  move Frenchy,  Perez and Castillo to the Royals?   Omar needs flexibility to add payroll, does he have it?      Bear in mind, the only games won on this road trip were from Johan Santana-and one was a gift from a bad umpire.   Maybe the Wilpons better consider giving Omar a little more flexibility if they wish to compete in the coming months.Omar said that Coaching Staff  has to be "assessed."   You wanna bet a coach takes a hit today?     I saw the anguish in Jerry Manuel's body after Davis struck out.   I know that Omar has backed him in the past  but do you think Management might want to make a move?   I like Jerry, I really do.   I know he's not the brightest coach out there  but does he take the fall?      How about Dan Warthen or Hojo?   I remarked in the Sunday question that the Phillies just fired their hitting coach Milt Thompson.   This guy has been the hitting coach since 05 and they fired him because the Phillies are not hitting.   Not hitting?  This guy was part of the  staff that brought the Phillies to the World Series twice and because the Phillies have had a tough first half, he's fired.        I'm not saying that  Hojo goes but  I can't see a "warning" given out to any coaches, especially him.    I understand that Carlos Beltran is not the reason why the Mets are slumping as coincidental as his return to the line up was.   But this Carlos Beltran/ Luis Castillo/Oliver Perez thing is driving me up the wall.   I hate Perez and I know the 12 million reasons why he is still pitching(hey, how many winning games has he pitched for the Mets this year?)  If Omar can trade him, he just might earn himself a Pulitzer Prize, but one way or another, he's got to go.   He has no function and is just wasting a spot for some one else.   If the  Mets are really serious  about making some changes than Perez should be the first on the list to go.    And I'll go out on a limb and say that Beltran and Castillo should not be playing on the same day.   They are both trying to find their swing and they can't do it on the same day.   Their almost automatic outs at this point.     Yea, I know what Jerry   says,   once Beltran and Castillo start hitting..blah..blah...blah.   But how long can the Mets wait for this?   Can they alter, let's say, Cora for Castillo when Beltran is playing Center?   Pagan for Beltran when Castillo is playing second?     See, I know that if Beltran starts hitting again my point is completely moot, however, have you seen signs of the old Beltran?   I saw a hard hit ball yesterday and  2 strikeouts.   Yea, we have to wait   but my question is will it be too late?  A day of thinking for all Mets and their fans.Like I stated previously, this could be the week that defines this ball club and it's GM and coaches.  This could be the moment, this could be the turning point.    This could be the week that the ship turns around and heads in the right direction.    It better be because if this ship sinks,  Citi Field will be a ghost town in late August and September.