Ever feel like the team is playing “Station to Station” baseball? I sure do and after looking at some of the teams overall statistics, there is a reason why. The team has no power and no speed, but they get tons of hits and walks. So, guys are constantly sitting on base waiting for a hit or walk to move over one spot. No wonder we have no nails left on our fingers. We are counting on these guys to consistently come up with these 3-4 hit innings just to get a run in. How can a team possibly keep up that kind of pace while maintaining a winning record? The statistic that backs this argument up the most is the Mets are 14th in team Left on Base just ahead of Atlanta and St. Louis. Please keep in mind that Atlanta and St. Louis have a combined 96 more RBI’s than the Mets and lead the NL in that category, so they get a pass.Am I dreaming or did the organization move in those Citi-Field walls? Wasn’t Ike and Duda supposed to hit a combined 80 home runs this year? Dan Murphy doesn’t have one yet and he is second in the league with the longest home run drought. “Station to Station” baseball can actually work if the team had a little speed (plus the briefly mentioned power) but they are dead last in stolen bases in the NL with 14. What’s worse is they have been caught 12 times. That’s a lot of outs on the bases in 37 games.We can probably blame some people, but that isn’t going to increase the teams run total. Blame Sandy, for not constructing a team with enough power. Blame Wilpon, for gambling and not having enough money to give to Sandy. Blame Omar for only drafting line drive hitters. Blame Ike and Duda for not taking Steroids. Blah Blah Blah, who gives a crap, so let’s talk about how to change this.I don’t think trades are happening anytime soon and most teams aren’t just going to trade a 30 HR guy unless they are completely out of contention late in the season. There is no one coming up the minor league pipe anytime soon that will give the power the team needs. The only option right now is adjust what you have. Jason Bay is coming back and the next 2 obvious targets are Ike Davis and Lucas Duda.Out of the 3 guys, Duda is the least of my worries. His production is starting to tick up and as he gets more comfortable those home runs should start to come. That leaves us with Bay and Ike. Bay is going to get his shot, but does he even want to be on the team? His injuries just seem to drag out. He did hit a couple HR’s before he was hurt but that was just a small sample size. My perception is he is just not part of this team anymore. He knows it, the team knows it and the writing is on the wall for him.Now we got poor Ike. The team’s leader in HR’s at 5. Ike is completely demoralized and he needs to be demoted.  He is so bad that the team doesn’t need to worry about replacing him. He needs change of scenery and a change of pace. If he was going to adjust at the MLB level he would have done it by now.So what are your thoughts? Is it true there is a Sandy philosophy to force the “Station to Station” approach? How should we stop it, he is the Emperor. Should we alter the batting lineup and drop Ike to eighth or boot him off completely? Pipe up and let us know and I will tweet these suggestions to Sandy Alderson who will never read them.Here are some numbers to chew on. Mets rankings in the NL: 7th in runs with 152, 5th in hits with 328, 3rd in doubles with 67, 15th in triples with 4, 15th in home runs with 23, 8th in RBI with 145, Last in SB with 14, 6th in CS with 12, 4th in walks with 131, 3rd in K’s with 300, 3rd in BA at .264, 2nd in OBP at .337, 12th in SLG at .379, 5th in OPS at .716. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5R1LBE6XJk