Just wanted to extend a big welcome to all the new users as of today.   Our point in starting this site was just to give many fans what they wanted, a place to speak freely and enjoy their time. It was never in any way a point of competing with or taking anything away from other blogs out there.For anyone new, we currently have the site you are on http://realdirtymets.com, a forum at http://www.nleastchatter.com/forum where anyone can start any conversation they wish, about any NL East team, or MLB team for that matter.   Also, check out the homepage at http://www.nleastchatter.com which will be the landing page for all things NL East as we continue on.   We are also looking for blogs to migrate to us for the other NL East teams, or to start new blogs.So, spread the word to other fans, not just of the Mets, but of any NL East team, and lets see what we can get started here.welcome_mat